I’ve been blogging since 2006, but then came into its eagerness in the past two months. I had my first blog on blogspot where I spent every of my thoughts in Indonesian. Well, if you visit the link, you might had a little number of archives which vary on a broad time of posts. By then, you can conclude that I’m not an active blogger, if were I’m saying “I am a blogger”.

Previously, I had my blog on WordPress which posts about diseases. But, it doesn’t make my content updating eagerness to occur, since I’m not a physician, and generate the contents from another source. Just say it unfair.

Now, I want to be honest to myself. To write anything on my own mind by my own way. Especially in English. For any information, I live in a country which not an English based language as its daily way of communicate.

This blog is my thoughts in English. Maybe I can post here and make the other language version on my other blog. I think it’s fair enough, since I’m not going to abandon my previous private blog.

I’ve heard about the magic of WordPress which usually called “tag”. Some say, no need to have a high skill of SEO to make your pages indexed by the search engines. The WordPress would have it done for you. Really?

Well, just wait until my next post which I can resume that statement.