It’s been a long time since I post the content to my WordPress account. But now there is a new feature which WordPress offer to all its users by default. Not a brand new feature actually, because I already found this ‘snapshot utility’ feature for several months ago from my friends computer. I found it as ‘Cooliris’ and installed to the browser. But WordPress seems to have it better installed it on its site. This would allow a user to use the utility as if he had it installed on its browser.


I catch the main idea of this feature which help users to peek the preview of a link inside a website. At first, I found it useful because we can decide whether the site which links to the current page is useful or not, or having bad links which would get you on 404 page error. My friend’s computer had a fast internet connection, so I didn’t experienced any trouble.

And then I found it a little annoying when I used my own internet connection. You know, the feature would automatically pop up a box above the link where we point our pointer. Deliberately or not. It is my habit for putting up the pointer for a while and took a sight on my left lower browser to notice the actual address of the link. But then the ‘snapshot’ came out and put itself on another content which occupy one eight of the screen. And it wasn’t disappeared instantly as I hover out my pointer from the link. The snapshot stands still for a few seconds. And then I say,”It sucks”. I need to read the content and not expect to have an object float above the text I read.

So, now I turned off the feature of my own on the ‘extra’ menu, Uncheck the feature’s box, so I guarantee you to read my blog freely without being annoyed by floating object.

What do you say? Do you support this feature or leave it behind as it gone useless?