The Face of Death, Stories Beyond Bhutto’s Assassination

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As I turned on the radio this morning, the name Benazir Bhutto was repeatedly said by the announcer. At first, I wasn’t recognized it at all as a breaking news, until I heard the word assassination sneaked through my ears.

The shooting. The bombing. More


The State of Unhealthy

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Yesterday was a holiday. Eid al Adha. Unfortunately, I was unhealthy. I caught flu. The night before I started to sneeze but wasn’t notice that as a preface for the present state. An illness. Hmmf.

And today is not a holiday, but I’m still anywhere but my room. Guess I gotta stay in bed to bring my health back. I’ve dropped myself on medicine and hope it will help a lot.

Keep Post Because It’s The Way It Works

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Last morning I woke up at 4.30 and couldn’t continue sleep then. After took the pray , I turned the computer on, publish the internet connection, and started to post on some blog sites which I have. Not some enough, because I only have two. 🙂 then what?

Adultery Within a Pregnancy Test Strip Advertisement


I’ve watched the TV last afternoon, stumbling at a quite popular site comedy, about husbands who were afraid about their wives. It is a popular theme which arouses between marriage stories in this country, which lives within the patriarchal structure. Since there were true stories about wives who sovereign rather than husbands, the reality was a true paradox. And then I found an adultery practice..

Wet, wet, and wet

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The sky had been raining for the last 5 days, continuing the previous weather which was dry all day. I remembered that last month [November] was the beginning of the rainy season this year. The weather had gone wet for almost two weeks then. More

Straighten Your Scanned Image with Photoshop

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How many times have you ever stumbled on a scanned images with rotated position? Sometimes we cannot put the paper source on the scanner bed exactly on a straight position. Off course we can fix it manually with Adobe Photoshop. The most common way to do it is pressing ‘Ctrl + T’ and then rotating the bounding box until we feel that it has come to its proper straightness. Back then, we should drag a guideline from the ruler to help us look for the most straight position. More

How to deal with writing laziness

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It is the sixth day since I started the first post, and guess what.. The old days enemy has return back. “The Laziness”, that’s what I used to call it. I’m sure that every one of should had ever met him. He usually comes after few days we start a brand new idea. By  its strength and also our weakness, we can just stop to provide our blog with contents. Say it,“I’m kinda unwell today. Let’s just update it for tomorrow”. The next day,“I’m working a lot of stuff right now, and it seem I haven’t enough time to work on contents”. The next day, we keep stumbling on another excuse. And as the time goes, at some point we realize, we have left our blog abandoned. Read along

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