Start this Sunday at 5.20 am with a running exercise around the block. It didn’t hard enough to woke up so early, even though I’ve spent my time lately for online session on the night before. I slept over on 11.45 pm and got back into consciousness at 5.00 am. I still had that sleepy feeling deep in my head, but as my feet run, it disappeared. Unfortunately, my stomach did made trouble in the middle of the run. So, I had to turn back home to flush them to the toilet. Huh… And then I couldn’t push myself again to continue the run.

The time was to early for me to be around the house. I turned on the computer and started to play “Bobby”. My friend lent me the movie some days ago and I haven’t watched it yet. The story brought me into the past 60’s where Americans were getting busy to vote for the next President. Robert Francis Kennedy was a famous senator whom about to won the election. But unfortunately, he got shot and killed. It’s the black memo for democracy in America.

The movie had reached the end as I fell asleep on the bed. Huh.. That sleepy thing had come back to my head then.

I woke up [again] at 10 and began to watch over my bedroom. It’s a mess. I remember the last time I cleaned this room was 2 months ago. Long enough to collect all the dust behind the cupboard, under the computer desk, and along the unnoticed corner. And that spider had spread its web behind the tape recorder.

It’s time for Sunday cleanup. I started to unplug all the cords from the computer and tape recorder and move them all out from the room. Books and papers were neglected all over, which not belong to its place.

I did the job for two hours until I assembled all the stuff on its place again. Felt happy and clean, with a little bit of sneeze. I’m not a dust proof unfortunately.

During the cleanup, I trashed some papers and things that I thought I won’t need them anymore. These things were the bills, notes, a biscuit can, and some wrecked CDs. I remember these things as I kept them at the first time. I was sure that I’ll need those things in the future, so I have to keep it. But, actually I never touched the since then. Not even to saw it or read the bill papers to cross check with my files on the computer.

At this point I should reconsider again in the future, if the things are important enough for me to keep. Instead of an ineffective act, keeping things which I shall never touch again is wasting time and spaces. I’m keeping garbage under my conscience.

The audio CDs are also can be a wasteful thing if you never touch it or play it. I have a habit of collecting mp3 songs from various sources, and as my harddisk became full, I recorded them on a CD. I kept them in the CD bag and for the next time they were such neglected things. I never pulled them out from the bag and played it on my computer. I just feel need to keep it, without the need to use it.

How about you?