I made a cup of coffee this morning. 1 spoon of black coffee, 1 spoon of creamer, and 2 spoon of sugar. Usually I made those coffee by adding them into the mug in order as follows: the coffee, the creamer, and the sugar.

But, this morning I want to did it in reverse. I’ve put the sugar first, the creamer, and then the coffee. I poured hot water into the mug and try to have a sip while it’s still hot. I noticed no difference. There were no difference because it was made up by the same ingredients, and just an exchanged order.

The next day, I’ll may pour the hot water first, and then the three stuffs. Will I have a different taste? I’ll guess prematurely that it would not have a different taste at all.

But what I’m going to write down here is about how we eager to try a different way to do something. Something that just looks the same. If you go to the office the same way everyday, wouldn’t you get bored? If you asked the same thing everyday wouldn’t it be annoyed?

Nothing new under the sun. And we’re just repeating what the old stuffs used to, but in different ways.