It is the sixth day since I started the first post, and guess what.. The old days enemy has return back. “The Laziness”, that’s what I used to call it. I’m sure that every one of should had ever met him. He usually comes after few days we start a brand new idea. By  its strength and also our weakness, we can just stop to provide our blog with contents. Say it,“I’m kinda unwell today. Let’s just update it for tomorrow”. The next day,“I’m working a lot of stuff right now, and it seem I haven’t enough time to work on contents”. The next day, we keep stumbling on another excuse. And as the time goes, at some point we realize, we have left our blog abandoned.

The first day I wrote the post, I had a will that I should fill the blog everyday. Every single day. Just to take care of what I’ve had and preserve it. You know, search engines loves the blogs that always update. New fresh things. Fresh ideas. Of course with another optimization stuffs. Thus, the most simple idea to keep your blog indexed by the search engines is keep posting as often as possible.

I read a book about how to make money from writing articles. Simply, the book do not preach about how you do the writing, the techniques, the punctuation marks, and tons of things that are practical. But, it’s about how eager are you to preserve the will to write. The whole book tells about commitment building.

On one section, I found “The Laziness” was explained. The characteristics and the way to overture it. “The Laziness” can be described as a state of a child which is free, spoil, and uncontrollable but, also can be tamed. Remember, children get to their enthusiasm whenever offered with candies and toys, and then it’s so easy to them to ask for taking bitter medicine, or cleanup their own bedroom.

We can treat “The Laziness” just as we treat a child. Try to set up with ease when we started to get bored about writing. Turn on the computer while saying to ourself that we’re going to have a word games. I’m gonna type everything which comes instantly inside my head. Usually, it works. On the previous day, I started to type about coffee, sugar, and water, and a little about my activity in the morning. In the middle of the games, I found another idea about how I should end the post.  The result? I think it’s good enough to read.

But, how if it doesn’t worked? How if I’ve tried to type jumbling words, but in the middle I still couldn’t solve about what should I end this writing?

Well, success doesn’t come anytime we want, buddy. Sometimes we failed. In a matter of stuck moment, we can just type in our editor: “Today I failed to write. I’ve tried to type anything and every words that came up in my head, but it jut didn’t made up a good post which I wanted. Maybe I can try it for the next day. Maybe I’m just unlucky.”

There we go! We had just posted a paragraph. One paragraph of failed-to-write confession has provide us a real paragraph. And we post it. That means we’re not failed at all for the day. See..

I know that blogging is not about a clap of hands nor just swing of the witchcraft’s wands. Bloggers are professionals. Professionals holds commitment. No matter the result: succeed or not, blogging is just a process.
Talking about writing and blogging, Daniel told me about his long-term blogging strategy in his blog. I think it’s worth for you to read.