How many times have you ever stumbled on a scanned images with rotated position? Sometimes we cannot put the paper source on the scanner bed exactly on a straight position. Off course we can fix it manually with Adobe Photoshop. The most common way to do it is pressing ‘Ctrl + T’ and then rotating the bounding box until we feel that it has come to its proper straightness. Back then, we should drag a guideline from the ruler to help us look for the most straight position.

Maybe, you might never thought that there was easier and faster way to do that little work, until I explain it right now. No need to drag guidelines and manual positioning. Well, here’s the magic of the measure tool to enhance your works faster in straightening a rotated image.



You can find the measure tool inside the group of the eyedropper tool. Right click the eyedropper tool and you’ll find it on the bottom of the group. By using the measure tool, define the straight position for Photoshop, dragging from one point to another.

The next step is rolling to the “Image” menu, select “Rotate Canvas”, and choose “Arbitrary”. You’ll be provided by a dialogue box which have been filled with certain amount of degrees which you need to rotate the canvas. Don’t change the numbers, just click “OK”, and you’ll be out with result.

Your image will be straightened automatically. In a few clicks.