The sky had been raining for the last 5 days, continuing the previous weather which was dry all day. I remembered that last month [November] was the beginning of the rainy season this year. The weather had gone wet for almost two weeks then.

Suddenly the word climate change is circling around my head. Usually, according to the monsoon season, the rain would have been started since the last September. But, it seems that there has been a shift of season since the season didn’t start cycling on its usual behavior.

As the rain season begins, the raincoat is a thing of must when I need to go elsewhere, especially since I’m a motorcycle rider. Because I’d never know whenever it suddenly rain, and I have nothing to cover me up against the falling water. There’s a chance that I can stop by to find a shelter, but it’ll also add my duration to reach the destination. I might lose chances. The good one maybe.

Another thing which confused my quite a lot is my room. Whenever it comes to rain [especially the hard one], the water starts to run slightly on my wall. Why? Because one of my neighbor roof tip directly face to my roof which I suppose had lacked. Then I shall found my mattress in wet. Hmff… What a disguise…

This wet season, all is going wet. The road, the motorcycle, and the room.