I’ve watched the TV last afternoon, stumbling at a quite popular site comedy, about husbands who were afraid about their wives. It is a popular theme which arouses between marriage stories in this country, which lives within the patriarchal structure. Since there were true stories about wives who sovereign rather than husbands, the reality was a true paradox.

There wasn’t any serious thing about the program that we thought necessary to discuss, until I pointed one advertisement which took place between the ad slot. A young woman in a white and clean bedroom inside her sleep gown. After several seconds, I noticed that the young woman was making her testimonial about “Sensitif”: a pregnancy test strip which she used. Above all the women curiosity about the pregnancy state, the strip test was a quick answer in just seconds, whether you’re being pregnant or not.


There’s nothing wrong about the pregnancy tester, also with the young woman about her testimonial. But there was something disguised me. The woman was talking alone and showed the entire ads all by herself. Alone? Yes, nobody else except the woman. I asked to myself,”Where was the husband?”

Now, here’s the problem. Every woman in this country which conceive pregnancy would be considered as married. That means she must have a husband. Conceiving outside a marriage will surely judged with immoral state. People would called the conceived woman as a whore or slut.

An ad should serve the local culture which the ad is viewed. In Burmese or certain places in Thailand, there is taboo when you’re showing up your foot facing others. Thus, you might have protests within the locals if you were practicing the previous thing on one of your ad. In my country, a broadcast station which showed an ad with topless models would yield protests. Not only from the society, also from the government.

The advertisement which I described before wasn’t serving any nudity or anything taboo in preview. Mainly she wasn’t doing nor wearing anything which contrary with local norms. But, if I saw and analyzed further, I’ll served myself with bigger issues on this ad.

The first thing that comes up in my head when I saw this woman that she was a 28-30 years old woman who was in satisfying life. A successful career-woman I thought. Big smiles and beauty face [also a good shaped body] reminded me as a new characteristics of the modern women. And good sexual life. Good free sexual life.

The premises above brought me to conclusion that the woman was an adulterer. I was thinking the night before she was having sex with her partner, and the next day she needed to test herself whether she had conceived or not. And then she found it just in seconds with the pregnancy strip. There’s no necessary to go for gynecologist to test for the pregnancy, as well as in the old days. Of course she won’t have asked an embarrassing  questions by the doctor about her husband, because she didn’t had a husband.

She just want to play sex.  With her sex-partner, but not her domestic-partner from a marriage. She don’t want to conceive babies, so she would use the pregnancy strip to test the pregnancy earlier.
The free sex practice has been growing largely in this country. Like an iceberg phenomenon, the prominent persons who’ve done are just a little numbers than the real amount.

At previous decades, the practice are hardly uncompromised. But lately, the practice slowly compromised by locals as well as the modernization sneaked through the daily life. People just don’t get too tight about the late norms. They watched it on MTV, TV serials which offered the emancipation as the part of the modernization. They started to kiss on public and make their own private video, and unfortunately shared to thousands of viewers from the country including me.

Within the advertisement I found a campaign of a free sex lifestyle which tried to offer to the audiences. A western life model which accept conceiving outside marriage. I don’t know if there any audience who caught the same idea with me, but I’m urging for you who read this post to take care with these kinds of broadcasts which tells the audiences what they shouldn’t do.

As the theme offered by the site comedy, I became conscious that women on the recent time had increased their role and influence to the society. Some of them had become leaders, presidents [like my country], and successful business owners. Women are not an inferior anymore. I found these as interesting. I like the situation when women can do exactly what men used to do. They are likely equal.

But, I hate feminists…