Last morning I woke up at 4.30 and couldn’t continue sleep then. After took the pray , I turned the computer on, publish the internet connection, and started to post on some blog sites which I have. Not some enough, because I only have two. 🙂

Post, post, and post . Those four characters word have been the part of my daily life for the least a month. Well, since the AdSense issue became the main focus of my long-term future planned project, keeping the blogs being updated regularly is the term of must. Initially, I’m a starter from being an internet guy, thus I haven’t already familiar with scripts and codes, nor the site optimization for search engines. So, the most possible ways to optimize the blogs is by enhancing the quantity and quality of the posts.

The clock had shown 12.50 am by the time I post this writing. My head is quite dizzy. A lack of sleep I thought. From the previous day. I’ve lost for 2-3 hours of my bedtime each day in order to keep the blogs updated with posts. But that’s OK.

It’s a sacrifice, but that’s how it works.

PS: Today I read one of my messages in my google mail inbox. Someone has proposed me to do some business which related with what I’ve done with blogging. Hmm.. For the previous days, I always thought that didn’t support any business affairs on their blogs. So, I signed up to for not a profitable reason. I just want to write. Not for money.
But then, this WordPress blog had brought me something that I haven’t expected.

Gosh… The word says,”just do it”..
It’s true.