The year 2008 has been rolling for 3 days for the present. As I blogwalked through the blogosphere, this year’s wish list is the ultimate post in most blogs I visited. They’re online business players, so most wish circles around 2008’s earning increase opportunity.

Prediction among online marketing programs such as Google Adsense, Widgetbucks, Parked, Amazon Affiliate, CJ, and some PTR/PTC are burned highly through feeds spreading the words to thousands of its subscribers.

2008’s Adsense Opportunity
But, as well as the prediction, everyone doesn’t have same opinions about the same thing. Some publishers which drew disappointment from ‘banned-love-letters’ [such as Adsense] would say that the program should no longer being hope for any other publisher. In fact, Google had recently changed some of the ‘role-play’ for publishers which affected [read: decreased] the publisher’s earning itself. A friend of mine who’s also a blogger said “The golden era of Adsense has a long way gone” since Google applied their new click area. Drastically he lost about more than 50% of his monthly income.

Some of them [including me] are optimist person about this Google popular money-maker. An assumption which I bear my mind is the number of internet user that grows more and more. I can make a little statistical data which tells every 10 person I know, 8 of them knows about internet; only 4 among them are friendly enough to it. Most of the 4 person uses internet to dig information to write their assignment by searching through Google and make friends on Friendster. Only some of them know about how to run business based on internet and how to make money from it.

Another thing which encourages me to put my future income within online opportunities is the number of the advertisers itself. Did I say the number of non-internet user in the recent paragraph? So, the number includes the person who has their settled business in the real world, but hasn’t known yet about how online advertising can support their products popularity. In future years, these numbers of person are potential online advertiser as soon as they introduced to the magic of homepage. Of course, the number shall grow.

The One but Not the Only One
An old proverb “never put the eggs in one basket” exactly goes as well as Adsense is not the only game in town. In fact there are several programs which brought more money to several popular internet marketers. Give a name for Shoemoney who earned almost US$ 700,000 last time from CJ, or John Chow who generates more than US$ 25,000 which Adsense only took part less than 30% from the overall revenue.

Also there is more redundancy about Adsense program since its pay-per-click based is more likely to abuse by its publisher. Some time, Adsense would end up to history, and new program are mushrooming the net. Among all online earnings, affiliate programs are the ‘toughest’ will lasts.

But, since I tried to blog with bucks as the main purpose, well, I think Google Adsense is the most proper for me to apply. I’ve registered to this program since a year ago, but haven’t seriously put my mind, time, and efforts to my blogs.

And the resolution for this year is: I have to quit my ordinary job at least at the end of December. Gosh, how I want to live my life from home..