Become an active [professional] blogger means that you need to put yourself in the internet with longer duration than before. At first I usually surf the web in internet shops which spreads enormously within the town. But, lately about 7 months ago, I felt that I couldn’t have the blogging activity seriously if I keep to did it there. You know, it just feel inefficient whenever ideas came to my thought and for the same time, I need to search some resource out there in the internet to craft the ideas into a better post.

Luckily, I have more than enough money at that time, so I quickly decided to invest them on my personal internet connection. I have already had my own PC lately and set up an internet connection through it would be a lot more than possible.

Choosing for an internet service provider would be a complicated process since I need to pick the most suitable from 10 providers with their various advantages. The option fell down on XL provider which offered 250 MB monthly quota and Rp 99.000,- monthly fee. Rp 400,- would be added in your bill for every megabytes I used whenever I reached the monthly limit. I think it’s enough for me to start the internet connection.

The next question was the medium to establish the internet connection: a modem. I started [again] to collect bunch of information about GPRS modems to suit the XL GSM based provider. Off course with the most affordable price.

motorola L6 black

So here I go. I bought a black Motorola L6 for Rp 870.000,-. Everything was ready until I realized that Motorola had never equipped its product with a driver installation CD. Great! I asked to the vendor and he forwarded me to the CD rentals which were abound [also] in this city. But then I found nothing than just a Cell Phone Manager program to connect my Motorola L6 to the computer. For instance, it helped a bit since I could transfer music and pictures down to the cell phone. But still, it was useless without the phone driver, so the computer could detect it as a modem, not just as a cell phone.

Okay, right to the story, I then found the driver modem upon the favor of my friend. He also used Motorola as a modem. A C380 series. It was a CD of mobile Phone Tools which was the original software for Motorola phones. Thank, God!

And so, I want to do a favor for those who need the Motorola modem driver, too. You can download the Motorola L6 modem driver here.

After you download the driver, make sure extract it somewhere in your computer since I packed it in a ZIP file. Connect your Motorola L6 phone by using a USB cable until the system tray shows you the pop-up message “Found Motorola L6 Modem”. You’ll meet the “Add New Hardware Wizard” dialog box then. Follow the instructions until you told to specify an exact location for the corresponding hardware, which is your Motorola L6 phone.

When your files are located, a dialog box will warn you whether to stop or continue the installation since the driver hasn’t digitally signed by Windows. Click “Continue Anyway”, Windows will start to copy the driver files into a specific location. As the process finished, your Motorola L6 phone will automatically turn its mode to Loud and start charging the battery.

That’s all. Next thing you should do is set up your internet connection through Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections. Get yourself to the Files menu and choose New connection.. You’ll be guided with a step by step New Connection Wizard.