“For once again, Stallone proves that he is still a legend”. I found that line of words at the front cover of Stallone’s latest movie: Rambo IV. I don’t know how did my friend got that DVD not long after he told me that he had watch it on the “21” cinema. As far as I know “Cineplex 21” always play the latest movies as they launched for the premiere show in my country. And as the movies still being played for certain time and months after it, I believe that no DVDs or VCDs are going to be leased or sold at that moment.

So I thought it’s just another illegal copy from somebody who captured them inside a cinema. And it’s true. A pure illegal copy. It was a poor quality motion pictures that I couldn’t see whether it’s Stallone or not. But it doesn’t matter since I can still follow the story even the subtitles wasn’t done well. Fortunately, I can hear what those actors say in the movie; also I’ve read the resume from the DVD’s cover.

So, Stallone tried to rise up the Rambo character which was a legend for the last decade. I remember that Rambo had three sequels which each of them took action in different locations. The first Rambo was a rebel who fought against the local authorities in America. The second took the fight in the deep jungle of Vietnam, and the third Rambo tried to save his friend’s life in Afghanistan, while confronting the Soviet.

It’s the fourth sequel and Rambo is a lonely man who lives in Thailand’s jungle. A group of volunteer needs his help to pass the river right to Burmese which is a conflict area. The volunteer intended to help the Karen people which are oppressed by the local military force, distributing medicines and foods.

When the group is missing and a pack of mercenary send to pull those people alive, the story begins. Rambo is a perfect war strategist since he can put hundreds of his opponents on death while he only suffers one bullet wound. Such nonsense in a real life I guess. You guess it, too, huh. The story ends when Rambo put his step back to his homeland in America. As he walk down on a long way road after he glance at his old mailbox with the word “R. RAMBO” crafted on it, the end titles start to scroll up. What a truly happy ending?!

As much as I can say, the film was nothing than cruelty, death, blood, and gore. I found no difference within the story when I tried to compare it with the third of its previous sequels. The better thing that I got in this sequel is better special effects which build the entire drama. When I say the special effects, then it means the blood, gore, and cruelty. I could see as clear as my ass how a head chopped and rolled to the ground, blasting bodies from the mines, splashing blood from a man whom gunned down by a machine gun, and so on. You can imagine every sadistic killing means and here you can have it all.

My friend said that it is the most sadistic movie that he ever saw. I think I’m gonna take the same opinion. For now, I can say that Rambo IV is The King of Blood and Gore.

Unless you can point me, if there any movies which done it even better.