Finally, I Have a WordPress Blog on my Localhost


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I guess the title is not as important as exactly happened. I mean the word “Finally”. You know that word is usually used whenever we encounter hard times and difficulties upon certain thing. And when all those difficulties overthrown, you will say “Finally…” More


How to be A Good Blog Commentator



Living in a world of blogosphere means that a blogger lives on a great network of written ideas and thoughts. Each blogger have their own ideas and put them into blogs with different ways. What I’m talking here is not about the technical blogging platform whether it’s WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, or else, but it’s more to how blogger expressed their ideas into words. More

Just Feel Unhappy

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This morning, my motorcycle couldn’t do what it should: took me the office. I tried to warm-up the engine after I took the bath, and it worked successfully. For three minutes it runs smoothly and then suddenly put itself off. I thought it wasn’t a serious as it usually occurred when the engine hasn’t warmed up yet. But when I brought it to outside my house, it didn’t work at all, until now. So today I hitched a ride with my friend and came up a bit late.And now I’m just thinking how can I fix the problem this afternoon, while I know nothing about engines. I guess most of auto-repair services are also have been closed at 4 p.m. this afternoon. I should just try it.

Today, I feel unhappy…

And think how nice if I don’t have to go to work everyday…

What You Should Do Today

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A light topic article written by the simple dollar on the blog. Sometimes I just forgot of being myself, enjoying the life, and doing another good things to other people. More

Optimizing Title, Permalink, and Meta for the Blog’s SEO

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I always said that creating a good result for your blog’s SERP is by creating the good content for it. Bear in mind that your visitors are true persons which are looking for some informations within yor site. So, why don’t you try to give them as best as you can? There’s nothing to lose whenever your visitor can give you more benefits than you may think. More