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I guess the title is not as important as exactly happened. I mean the word “Finally”. You know that word is usually used whenever we encounter hard times and difficulties upon certain thing. And when all those difficulties overthrown, you will say “Finally…” This afternoon I installed WordPress CMS on my home computer after Dedex put them previously inside the office’s computer. I interested to WordPress since I used the free version blogging service on WordPress.com

The first thing I do was installing the Appserv in my computer which serves as the localhost for the dynamic pages of WordPress. The process got a little crashed since I’ve installed the previous version in this computer, so when I type “http://localhost/” on the address bar, the browser still viewed the 2.0.4 version of Apache, not the 2.5.7

But, there was no longer problem when I uninstalled the older version and restarted the computer.

The next thing was setting up the database which I did with accessing the PHPmyadmin through the browser. Again there was a little hassle, when I tried to login. I flipped over when entering characters between the user name and password field.

After all the hassling events and couple of calls to Dedex, the WordPress CMS has been installed successfully. I wrote 2 example posts within and with the Smashing template, I found the result as gorgeus. Hmm.. how nice if it was truly uploaded to a real server.

So, daniy, have you considered to buy yourself a private domain?