List of Link Directories

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I just browsed DigitalPoint forums and found these bulk list of website directories to promote our site.


Finally, I Have a WordPress Blog on my Localhost


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I guess the title is not as important as exactly happened. I mean the word “Finally”. You know that word is usually used whenever we encounter hard times and difficulties upon certain thing. And when all those difficulties overthrown, you will say “Finally…” More

How to be A Good Blog Commentator



Living in a world of blogosphere means that a blogger lives on a great network of written ideas and thoughts. Each blogger have their own ideas and put them into blogs with different ways. What I’m talking here is not about the technical blogging platform whether it’s WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, or else, but it’s more to how blogger expressed their ideas into words. More

Optimizing Title, Permalink, and Meta for the Blog’s SEO

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I always said that creating a good result for your blog’s SERP is by creating the good content for it. Bear in mind that your visitors are true persons which are looking for some informations within yor site. So, why don’t you try to give them as best as you can? There’s nothing to lose whenever your visitor can give you more benefits than you may think. More

2008 Blogging Resolution


The year 2008 has been rolling for 3 days for the present. As I blogwalked through the blogosphere, this year’s wish list is the ultimate post in most blogs I visited. They’re online business players, so most wish circles around 2008’s earning increase opportunity.

Prediction among online marketing programs such as Google Adsense, Widgetbucks, Parked, Amazon Affiliate, CJ, and some PTR/PTC are burned highly through feeds spreading the words to thousands of its subscribers. More

Keep Post Because It’s The Way It Works

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Last morning I woke up at 4.30 and couldn’t continue sleep then. After took the pray , I turned the computer on, publish the internet connection, and started to post on some blog sites which I have. Not some enough, because I only have two. 🙂 then what?

How to deal with writing laziness

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It is the sixth day since I started the first post, and guess what.. The old days enemy has return back. “The Laziness”, that’s what I used to call it. I’m sure that every one of should had ever met him. He usually comes after few days we start a brand new idea. By  its strength and also our weakness, we can just stop to provide our blog with contents. Say it,“I’m kinda unwell today. Let’s just update it for tomorrow”. The next day,“I’m working a lot of stuff right now, and it seem I haven’t enough time to work on contents”. The next day, we keep stumbling on another excuse. And as the time goes, at some point we realize, we have left our blog abandoned. Read along

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