Happiness: Where Do You Think They Are?

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I’m gonna ask to you about what do you expect every morning as you woke yourself up from the bed. At least, the first time you open your eyes and start to think about how would it be for today. For some time you may thought that today is the most beautiful day ever since you have settled plan to hang out with your mates all day long. Maybe a week trip to Bahamas. But, if today were Monday, most of us would get the workload that we’re gonna deal with from morning until the sun sets down. Okay, that’s the prologue, and the next question for you is about the way you thought yourself and how you cope with them. Satisfied or dissatisfied. Happy or unhappy. More


How to deal with writing laziness

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It is the sixth day since I started the first post, and guess what.. The old days enemy has return back. “The Laziness”, that’s what I used to call it. I’m sure that every one of should had ever met him. He usually comes after few days we start a brand new idea. By¬† its strength and also our weakness, we can just stop to provide our blog with contents. Say it,“I’m kinda unwell today. Let’s just update it for tomorrow”. The next day,“I’m working a lot of stuff right now, and it seem I haven’t enough time to work on contents”. The next day, we keep stumbling on another excuse. And as the time goes, at some point we realize, we have left our blog abandoned. Read along

Exchanging order: Lesson from the morning coffee

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I made a cup of coffee this morning. 1 spoon of black coffee, 1 spoon of creamer, and 2 spoon of sugar. Usually I made those coffee by adding them into the mug in order as follows: the coffee, the creamer, and the sugar. More about morning coffee