Rendezvous With an Old Friend

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Tonight I met with a friend from my previous company, Bimo SP. He said that he need to have a little assistance to what he was doing about his current project. He asked me to make him a visualization over the project. And tonight I introduced him the world of blogging. You might wanna see his projects as an Event Organizer practitioner on his site.


What You Should Do Today

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A light topic article written by the simple dollar on the blog. Sometimes I just forgot of being myself, enjoying the life, and doing another good things to other people. More

The State of Unhealthy

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Yesterday was a holiday. Eid al Adha. Unfortunately, I was unhealthy. I caught flu. The night before I started to sneeze but wasn’t notice that as a preface for the present state. An illness. Hmmf.

And today is not a holiday, but I’m still anywhere but my room. Guess I gotta stay in bed to bring my health back. I’ve dropped myself on medicine and hope it will help a lot.

Wet, wet, and wet

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The sky had been raining for the last 5 days, continuing the previous weather which was dry all day. I remembered that last month [November] was the beginning of the rainy season this year. The weather had gone wet for almost two weeks then. More

Sunday cleanup

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Start this Sunday at 5.20 am with a running exercise around the block. It didn’t hard enough to woke up so early, even though I’ve spent my time lately for online session on the night before. I slept over on 11.45 pm and got back into consciousness at 5.00 am. I still had that sleepy feeling deep in my head, but as my feet run, it disappeared. Unfortunately, my stomach did made trouble in the middle of the run. So, I had to turn back home to flush them to the toilet. Huh… And then I couldn’t push myself again to continue the run.
What else about this Sunday?