Just Feel Unhappy

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This morning, my motorcycle couldn’t do what it should: took me the office. I tried to warm-up the engine after I took the bath, and it worked successfully. For three minutes it runs smoothly and then suddenly put itself off. I thought it wasn’t a serious as it usually occurred when the engine hasn’t warmed up yet. But when I brought it to outside my house, it didn’t work at all, until now. So today I hitched a ride with my friend and came up a bit late.And now I’m just thinking how can I fix the problem this afternoon, while I know nothing about engines. I guess most of auto-repair services are also have been closed at 4 p.m. this afternoon. I should just try it.

Today, I feel unhappy…

And think how nice if I don’t have to go to work everyday…


What You Should Do Today

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A light topic article written by the simple dollar on the blog. Sometimes I just forgot of being myself, enjoying the life, and doing another good things to other people. More

Optimizing Title, Permalink, and Meta for the Blog’s SEO

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I always said that creating a good result for your blog’s SERP is by creating the good content for it. Bear in mind that your visitors are true persons which are looking for some informations within yor site. So, why don’t you try to give them as best as you can? There’s nothing to lose whenever your visitor can give you more benefits than you may think. More

Top 100 Oldest Registered [dot] Com Domain Names!


Do you remember when you introduced to internet? I do. And at first, all I know that every homepage address ends with a dot com extension. That’s what we call domain. While taking your memory back to the old days, I think it’s quite interesting to show you what I discovered this afternoon. A list of top 100 oldest registered dot com domain names! Here you go.. More

Rambo is [Still] The King of Blood and Gore

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“For once again, Stallone proves that he is still a legend”. I found that line of words at the front cover of Stallone’s latest movie: Rambo IV. I don’t know how did my friend got that DVD not long after he told me that he had watch it on the “21” cinema. As far as I know “Cineplex 21” always play the latest movies as they launched for the premiere show in my country. And as the movies still being played for certain time and months after it, I believe that no DVDs or VCDs are going to be leased or sold at that moment. More

National Event: Indonesia’s Former President Passed Away Today

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Soeharto died at the age 78 today after being treated for almost a month in Pertamina Central Hospital, Jakarta. An official report from the team of doctors presented the time of death was 01.10 PM local time. Soeharto was the 2nd President in 1968 after the parliament put mandate over him to held the Indonesia’s government. He then became the longest Indonesia’s President ever until now. More

Setting Up Your Motorola L6 for Internet Modem, and the Story Beyond


Become an active [professional] blogger means that you need to put yourself in the internet with longer duration than before. At first I usually surf the web in internet shops which spreads enormously within the town. But, lately about 7 months ago, I felt that I couldn’t have the blogging activity seriously if I keep to did it there. You know, it just feel inefficient whenever ideas came to my thought and for the same time, I need to search some resource out there in the internet to craft the ideas into a better post. More

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